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One of mottos is “I don’t have time to waste people’s life, so I expect others to not come and waste mine.”

I can honestly say that I have been burnt by people that act this way. They’re one way around me and a totally different person when we would get around other people. One thing that I have learned is to not give so much to people without fully knowing who they are. It is sometimes difficult to pinpoint a fake person. Some people are very skilled in the art of being a “BullShitter.” Please forgive my French but most of the times you will come across people that don’t believe that they should have to earn your trust and love they just feel that you should just freely give them something that they don’t deserve. But I learned that you got to start doing what kind do to future employees. They put out a ad stating that they are hiring and what they are looking for in a employee. If these people feel that they are a match then they will go and get a application and fill one out. Next take them through a one to three month background check. You got to protect yourself. You have been handing out too much of your love care and affection to fake people that don’t know you, care for you or are willing to equally invest in you as much as they want you to invest in them. You gotta start treating yourself as a business. You are your biggest investment. If people in your circle or potential people that you want to be in your circle can’t comply to company rules, policies and procedures then it’s time to give them their walking papers instead of constantly being around fake people.