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That’s true most people’s disappointment in life has been from expecting more from people than they expect of themselves. Now I’m not saying don’t expect any good from people. Nor am I saying don’t rely on people either but you have to use your brain when you’re dealing with certain individuals. Certain individuals you can’t give alot of responsibilities to. Especially when you see that they get overwhelmed and struggle with living up to their own expectations that they have set before their self.

The back story of individuals that do this normally put all of their trust and had high expectations of people in their life. Usually family members and took them at their every word. When those particular people couldn’t deliver past 3, 4, and the 5th time that’s when they felt a great sense of let down. They grew very disappointed in the people around them. Because they say one thing but do another. Or they say one thing with absolute guarantee getting people hopes up but can’t deliver on it.

You know people I get it. It hurt and sucks when people do that. Because if they can’t deliver on their promises they shouldn’t make it. Common sense would tell a person that. At the same time this is a perfect example of why you don’t put so much faith and your all in all into a human. That is only reserved for the most high. He don’t fail and won’t ever fail. His nos mean no and his yes means yes. Now this is kind of tricky because from one angle you aren’t wrong in how you feel but from a different angle you are being selfish.

To explain the selfish angle first. Everything that they didn’t and couldn’t do for you there is nothing stopping you from doing and getting it yourself. You are the one sitting on the receiving end so you don’t have any idea what they have to go through to supply you with stuff and live up to their word. Maybe sometimes when they said yes I’m going to get this and that for you. They probably were in a good position when they gave you their word but we live this thing called life. So shit happens from time to time. For example how many times have you saved up for a trip or a item. Anything that you wanted to do and for some random reasoning a bill or a expense came up where you had to tap into your emergency funds and take care of what has catapulted into number one on your priorities list. Probably alot of times and I’m sure that you was not thrilled about it but shit happens. So you got to do what you got to do. It’s selfish to hold onto that hurt from failed past expectations that never went as planned. You don’t know those people financial situation or mental make up. Nine times out of ten you probably are carrying this around to other people making them suffer from what happened to you way back when. Now everytime a person tells you to be expecting something. Whether they can deliver or not. Now you got an attitude of you won’t help out or participate because you constantly are telling yourself that people all ways tell me this and that but it never happens. Please stop it because what have you told people and yourself to expect and prepare for and you never delivered on those expectations as well? But I’m willing to bet that people are still giving you chance after chance to redeem yourself and to realize that if you don’t mean it don’t say it. Allow yourself to move past that junk because it can ruin relationships with people moving forward that can and will live up to expectations of themselves and others. This can also stop you from continuing your success in handling your business. You don’t want to allow the actions of others to affect you because then you will begin to take down. And that my friend won’t be anybody else’s fault but yours.

Secondly, yeah that person sometimes should be very genuine in their approach but know sometimes that they can’t deliver like they would hope. So they should use their head and stop making empty promises that they can’t keep. People are so afraid nowadays to give a direct answer to people. We live in a day and time where people really think that it’s wise to bullshit one another. We are afraid of direct answers like yes and no. Or I can’t do it right now or yes I can do it. Don’t be afraid of the backlash that you will receive from people when you give them a direct answer. It’s nothing wrong with that. You are giving yourself and that person a chance to know what you stance is on anything. You and that person will know going forward how to handle the situation better. Instead of being held up with maybe or I got you in five minutes, or I got you right now. And they know deep down in their heart that they can’t do a damn thing.

Hey it’s okay they are just doing to you what someone else did to them. They learned how to be that way from somebody else. There is nothing new under the sun.

Now, I wouldn’t say that the overall secret to happiness is never to expect anything from anyone. I will say this that you will be a lot more happier with you life, yourself and you can stand the sight of yourself in the mirror knowing that you didn’t allow the expectations that you have for others to dominate and ruin certain moments of your life.