Woah! What in the world this six year old has a medical condition and she was arrested and given a charge of battery and had a mug shot taken. Officer reported in saying that he has a condition as well but doesn’t act like that. This officer was suspended. Ummmm the teachers in this school over this the children need to have their credentials checked because they are being paid to handle children with a conditions that could possibly make them act out a certain way. Somebody needs to be fired because calling the cops on a six year old is no excuse of handling the problem. Also this officer what were they thinking they know better than to arrest a six year old and charge them like if they are a adult. This child was throwing a temper tantrum not murdering people. But what can you expect when it come to my black race our children won’t be properly taken care of and made sure that we get the help that is needed for our children and people. That is why we need to develop that strong community where we focus and do what is in the best interest of us. Because that was some silly shit. Arresting a six year old over a condition that led to her temper tantrum.