Reblog: The Human Obsession with Labels, our Identities, and How To Stop Drinking When You’re Not An “Alcoholic”

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Labels can get you in trouble. We think that our labels define us. We think that it speaks who we are. No, out labels is just a title that places us in a class with a certain group of people. It’s nothing wrong with having a label or title in front of your name displaying who you are in society but the troubles comes in when the individual with the label don’t perform the task of what the label entitles itself. For example you can have the label mom or dad. If you don’t train your up in the way that shall go so when they get older they will not depart from it. It doesn’t matter what you are or want to be referenced as because you didn’t do the duties of the mom and dad. Titles and labels can get people in trouble because it’s more to a name then just being respected as that name but there is a certain job assignment attached to the title, label, name that few many people desire to have but few actually want to live up to the responsibility of it.
Remember to who much is given much is required.

Personal Growth

As humans, we love our identities. We love feeling like we “are” somebody. We’ve been conditioned to throw labels around our behaviors to justify why we are the way we are and to describe who others seem to be.

“Are you a smoker a non-smoker?”

“Are you an introvert or an extrovert?”

“Are you single or in a relationship?”

There is no real harm in this at all, until a simple label turns into how somebody perceives themselves.

There are so many instances where we are put in these teeny tiny boxes with little to no wiggle room. You deem yourself depressed, co-dependent, incompetent, shy, the greatest chess player in the world, WHATEVER and that quickly becomes exactly what you are. That is what you will remain in your mind, as long as that label resides in your subconscious. It’s truly just how our brains work. Yet, the simple question…

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