Commitment + Action = Your Dreams Being Close

Author of quote anonymous

I would say action leads to you being committed because when you take those steps and begin to see your hard work paying off then you will stay dedicated to what you see is working. You can’t be committed to something and you haven’t first put the work in. I’m viewing this quote like a relationship. You can be in a committed relationship, you and your partner are not be putting forth any effort on establishing a sturdy foundation that will allow you two to withstand hardships. But remember you two are committed. Heck lots of people are committed. I have a gym membership with the YMCA. I pay $44 every 15th of the month. Now that’s commitment but I don’t go to the gym. So how is that leading toward action? It’s not, I have to first put forth the effort in paying for a membership and actually go everyday or every other day. Rather than just give my money to a facility thinking that I’m some how going to lose weight and gain those results that I want to see.

Now I know that I said you need to put forth the action first then the commitment will follow. Actually both go together. It’s like the scripture says faith without works is dead. You can’t have commitment without action and you can’t have action without commitment. They are one in the same.


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