Author of this illustration unknown

Found this pin on Pinterest and I just want to say truth. A friend knows your faults but still likes you anyway. It makes me laugh when I hear people say to one another I love you. I want to walk up to that person that said that and ask them what do you know about them. Because you can’t love someone that you don’t understand.

Correction we love what people do. We love what people can do for us. But loving a person and we know the faults and flaws that they have. Yeah there’s not too many people down on this earth that can do that and have great depth and perspective to separate loving someone for what they can do. Verses loving someone for who they are.

What I am saying is be mindful of who you call friend and who calls you friend. Sometimes the friendship you make or come across can just be based upon workplace or school. Now I’m not saying that a true friendship can’t Develop from these places. But nine times out of ten most people that call one another friends in a workplace setting don’t even hangout outside of business. So don’t mix acquaintances with friendship. Sometimes the friendships that you make or come across are forced. Most people won’t like another person unless that individual lower who they are to make the other person comfortable around them. That’s not a friend ladies and gentlemen. That’s a insecure and intimidated individual. If you or you know somebody that is friends with a person that only like or love them because they are somebody that they are not. Yu should pull that individual that has lowered themselves for the benefits of others and talk to them. Question their dignity, integrity and self-respect that they should have for themself. Because having a friend is not worth losing who you are just to gain a social group.

A true friend wouldn’t ask you to change unless it’s to benefit you. A true like you for you. That’s only due to them understanding who you are,what you are and what you been through. Remember a person can like, but a person can’t love what they don’t understand.

So peace