I here alot of people saying that they don’t like that the way that their life has gone. They believe that they were dealt a bad hand. I hear alot of people speaking with regret. They feel that they would be at a better place in life if they didn’t have a bad start. I see people jealous and envious of what other people have. They are made that they are not sitting in a advantageous position like the next person. But here’s the thing if you are tired of watching the same channel. Replaying the same mess that had always been playing in your life. Then pick up the remote and change it. Don’t wait for commercial break to be inspired to change. The change can happen anytime you want it to.

See we sit back and wait to be inspired to make certain moves in our life that will benefit us in the long run. We wait to be motivated to take action. We don’t need to for others to life a fire under us. Just by seeing what’s missing in your life is enough for you to change.

Don’t lack the confidence to go after what’s yours. The remote has always been sitting next to you on the arm rest. You have always had the choice to pick up the remote and change what’s not fulfilling you.