Have you ever heard the expression “practice makes perfect.” It’s the best form of being proficient.

I came across this question on Quora. I didn’t even read the people responses to the question all I did was focus on the question it self. You see you can make a list of things to do. You can create a calendar and each day plan and schedule activities for yourself to do to stay active and focus. But achieving the best version of yourself does not happen in a month, a day, a hour, a week, a second, a minute or even a year. To become the “Best Version” of yourself doesn’t exist.

Let me explain. As human beings we are constantly changing everyday. Something new is always taking place with us. Whether we are developing mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally something is always happening. So it is challenging to pinpoint that exact thing that a person would have to do to become this overall best version of them self. I would like the people reading this to stop and ask them self that if I could do one month of work and be this “best version” of me. Then why has it been taught to me that everyday I should be taking advantage of my opportunity to grow and become better?

The answer is this is a marathon not a sprint. So many people are looking for this instant oatmeal answer to fix something that was designed to be worked on everyday. This is what’s getting people in trouble. I don’t believe that people are lazy, I believe that people just want a right now solution. There’s no patience, everything is hasty. I personally believe that if someone created a pill to swallow that would answer 100% of the human mysteries to life. Trust me we would all take it.

To achieve being the best version of yourself possible is a everyday step not a one and done thing. Life is short, yet it presents alot of time. You’re not going to learn everything there is to learn in one month and be this complete person. There are a such thing as stumbling blocks that appear along the way that will cause you to derail, reroute or have a setback. So how will you prepare yourself within this month journey to even have the answer to avoid and overcome that. You don’t, heck none of us do. That’s why as a people we are constantly learning. Because you can be eighty years old seen everything that there is to life and still haven’t seen everything. Because just when you think that you got it all and know it all. There is still more to know.

You pro can tell from this post that I am interpreting this question as a person reaching the mountain top and feeling like there’s no more climbing to do. You can’t achieve the best version of yourself in one month not even in years. That’s why everyday we are to strive to become something that we are not. Just when you think that you got it. You mastered it. You will make a mistake and have to go and pay the “tuition into the school of experience.” Quote from Bigboy Real 92.3 The Voice of LA.

So you learn what not to do if you ever faced something like this again. What I’m trying to say is that you are always learning, you are always messing up and then having to go back and learn again and then correct the mess the up. You are in this cycle called life where you are forever learning, growing and changing. You can’t become the best version of yourself because you don’t have all the answers.

Take this for example, LeBron James most view him as the best in the world. Some of his fans would even go as far as to say the best player to ever come through the NBA. If you ask Lebron he would tell you yeah he believes that he’s the best in the world. And rightfully so he should believe that. He has showed anything less of that. And I bet even a part of him believes that he’s the best ever to come through the NBA. And that’s okay as well. In order to be that great you need to have a little delusion. Just because LeBron believes that he’s still in the gym working tirelessly day and night to not remain the same but to become better than he was on last year and the year before last and the year before that. Because he views his self as trending upward not backwards. He knows that just because I’m great there is always room for me to become better.

When you place a cap on yourself you stunt your growth. You will only be able to achieve that which you believe. If you believe that the sky is the limit than it will be. But those that believe that there is always more room to grow. Then there is no cap on what you can and can’t do or become.

Strive to be proficient it’s the best form of perfection. I mean best version of yourself.

So Peace