This is a finger licking mess. I can’t believe that this sandwich went global. It’s no different than McDonald’s, Burger King, Culver’s,Wendys, Chick-Fil-A, etc
People are going Loco for the new Popeye’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Ever since it’s release on August 12th people have been giving their reviews of the texture and taste of the Sandwich. Compared and contrasted to its competitor Chick-Fil-A some have deemed Popeyes as the new king of the chicken sandwich. It’s weird because many people didn’t know that Popeyes had even released the Sandwich until Chick-Fil-A released a twit over Twitter claiming that they are the originators of the chicken sandwich recipe. Next thing you know people swarmed Popeyes restaurants ordering the Sandwich to see what’s the hype about.

You have the option of choosing the Spicy or the original Popeyes chicken sandwich at just $3.99.

Since the release Popeye’s chicken sandwich it has earned a estimated $23 million in ad sales and this is all thanks to black twitter. Lately this chicken fiasco is getting out of hand. You have people making songs about the Spicy Chicken Sandwich while standing in the outside of Popeyes. You have workers lives being put into danger because Popeyes has ran out of chicken sandwiches. Like for example check out this recent story of a Houston man who pulled a gun out on a Popeye’s employee after learning that Popeyes were out if chicken sandwiches.

I must agree this has gotten out of control. This is ridiculous. There are literally chicken wars over a sandwich that Popeyes has made. Now I just want to say that I bet the chicken sandwich taste delicious. I wouldn’t know that for a fact because I myself have not went and purchased the Sandwich so I could try it out. But it makes me wonder what is so unique and mind blowing about this chicken sandwich that it’s making people go crazy for it? People are acting like there’s a shortage of food on this earth and Popeyes is the only place that can provide for the people.

If you ask me I believe that this was a test on the masses to see how deep our programming is when it comes to foolishness. Would they be able to release a sandwich, get other fast food places to chime in on Twitter starting a fast food war that would make the masses of people join in to debate who’s better. When really it doesn’t matter all restaurants are trash and is not fit for human consumption. I believe that this is the magician at work saying look at my hand, this is where the magic is happening. And really the trick is happening somewhere else. But like always they take what is very precious and important to us; our attention and use it against us. I believe soon it will be revealed exactly why this Sandwich released when it did. I say that because Popeyes is a corporation. No matter what they tell us in the news. In the world of business nothing is by accident, mistake, destiny, fate or luck. Its all preplanned.

You know people need to be very careful in what they are purchasing from these fast good places. There is no telling what Popeyes place in that chicken sandwich for flavoring that is making people act silly. Alot of these fast food chains are raising these chickens on anti-depressant. If you ever witnessed a friend or a family member eating a chicken sandwich and after they became sadden. Well now you know why.

Here are the ingredients in the Sandwich for both mild and spicy

I’m just going to say people stay vigilant. When you the world puts aside it’s differences and comes together for something you have to wonder what was is the real agenda. What are we being distracted from noticing. Now I don’t know this for certain so I’m not going to talk much in this event bit I have been hearing that it’s funny how the forest or something like that caught in fire and killed alot of wildlife. Shortly after Popeyes comes out with a chicken sandwich and the internet is buzzing, people are solely focused on this sandwich. The news is not reporting a tragic event that has taken place prior to Popeyes new release. But like I said it will soon be made clear for Popeyes release of the Sandwich.

So peace