Author of quote anonymous

Take time to be grateful for everything that you have because it’s a blessing to even have a few things more so then having a lot of things. You Should be grateful because there was once a time when you didn’t have anything. You struggled like the next man to accumulate what you got. There were many days and nights when you wondered when was it your turn to have. Now that you are sitting in a pretty go position in life it is not wise for you to take this opportunity to moan, groan and complain about more. But think back on a time when you wasn’t at the position that you are at now and remain humble, grateful, and appreciative. Because there are people out here in the world that are in the same position that you were once in waiting for their opportunity and if you keep showing no gratitude. Life is funny in a way where they will graduate up to your position since they show a little bit more humility and appreciation for where they been to where they are now. And you will be demoted back to square one all over again because you missed the lesson in all of this.

It doesn’t matter how much things you got. It doesn’t matter where you been to where you are now. What matters is showing that appreciation and being grateful for what you do have and that’s breath in your body, life, happiness, opportunities, chances, freedom, liberty, health, etc.

So Peace