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People are battling with begin confident in who they are. In this world we suffer from a group thinking mentality. Everyone has to think, act and be like each other to get accepted. There’s no originality anymore. We need more individual thinkers. The heavenly father created us all different from one another but leave it to the world to say that we are all alike. And really their is non one on this earth that is created the same way as the next man. We need a world full of free thinkers, unique individuals not afraid to be them no matter what the consequences are.
So Peace

My life down the Rabbit hole

The word used to describe the generation of today,

Righteousness seems so scarce that the few who act right are labelled as ‘the good ones.

‘ What the previous generations used to call taboo has evolved to be ‘cool.’

It has so much power, it’s pulling us all in , drowning and choking us to death.

We’re left with no choice but to CONFORM.

It’s the fear of being isolated,

It is the fear of being labelled,

It’s the fear of losing the ability to be acceptable,

It’s the ‘fit in’ mentality that defines us.

God if we could just feel the joy that comes with being the odd one out.

The peace that comes with righteousness,

If we could just silence the ‘belong’ voices that haunt us,

If we could just understand that we’re pilgrims,

If only we could understand that our destination is far beyond this cruel…

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