Too Face Challenges You Need Confidence

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I would also say to face challenges you have to have courage as well. You definitely have to believe that you can do it and believe that you can face and overcome anything that comes your way. Also you have to have courage to be up for a challenge. Because without courage you won’t begin.



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You know it’s crazy because for a long time I thought that my pulse and purpose was to be a millionaire and billionaire. I never took into account that my gifts and talents wasn’t to be used selfishly. My gifts and talents are to serve others. Bless them and help make their life a little better than before. I was so determined to be rich and have a lot of things that other people didn’t matter to me at all. They were just a mere checker piece on a checker board waiting to be conquered. But I soon realized that I was rich in mind but not rich at heart. My lust for worldly possessions became my reason for living. Once I didn’t get the opportunity to shine in college basketball and make it pro. I soon began to realize that I had this all wrong. I was living in a bubble of me, myself and I. There were people out there in the world that the most high had positioned for me to be over and lead. But they couldn’t get a leader because I was more focused in me than anything else in the world. Their chance at better and more would be held up because their leader wanted more for himself. I soon realized that the way that I was being wasn’t right and needed to change.
So I agree our pulse is to build up the kingdom. Everyday we should use our resources to help others reach their full potential as well. You will find that you are at your happiest when you are assisting other people and NOT DWELLING ON WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE, NEED AND WANT.
Your purpose is simple. It’s not to sing, dance, play sports, be a entertainer. If you are that’s pretty cool and amazing that you accomplished that. But your purpose is to be a service unto others. Because if who you are and what you have is not servicing others than. What are you doing with your life.


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I’m a firm believer that if you have a pulse, you have a purpose. I say this with my whole heart, Everyone needs a blessing. And if you have the ability to bless others, be a blessing. And when you are a blessing to others, you will find “joy unspeakable” in the process….

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Your Success Is Due To Your Persistence

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There is no such thing as luck, destiny or fate. These are words to describe the probability of something good happening or working out for you. In each and every one of you. You have the ability to choose your own path. No one can decide that for you but you. It should be seen as a insult to you to even utter the word lucky. This means that you didn’t work. You grind until you couldn’t grind anymore. You didn’t sacrifice pleasure for business. Everything that you are and have just some how fell into your lap. Luck takes away from the warrior that you are. Don’t see your success as luck, see it as something that you earned. Because it didn’t fall into your lap. That’s why there is a such thing as hard work, dedication, perseverance and persistence.


Watch “overdramatic dog faints while a lady tries to cut its nail – 1067380” on YouTube

Yoooooooooooo, wait, what. This some funny stuff a dog being so overly dramatic. That the dog fakes faints just because the dog is getting its nails clipped. Aye, whether the dog was trained to do that and someone off camera was standing there giving the dog the cue to faint or this was real and they just did a good job catching this on camera. That is funny. At least I think so.