Reblog: #025 – Friendship is Treasure

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I agree friendship is a treasure. It’s nice when you can come across a person that you can relate to and they can relate to you. Both of you understand one another. The chemistry is great and nothing is forced between you to. They will always be there and have your back. Like the word tells you that a friend is someone that you hold closer than a brother. It’s nice to have one if them.

Garen Tee

I really had a great weekend! Because of my bestie’s wedding and also an awesome gathering with my crazy bunch of friends. Sometimes I really feel our face is like so damn thick. Wherever we go, when we start to talk nonsense, we will laugh like MAD. Just imagine a group of crazy people laughing like no tomorrow sitting beside you! That’s us!!! As if we don’t need to care for others at all, it’s so fun, isn’t it? WAKAKA

Would you agree, you will be your true self when being together with your best friends? I do. Most of the time I don’t need to act nice and be nice to people. Haha. My friends are my victims of the mean side of me. I will “sour” and criticize bluntly and enjoy doing so. Haha. Example, if she grows fat, she knows what kinda comments she will receive. LOL!…

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