Found this pin on Pinterest and it resonated with me. For some reason I can’t sleep at night. I see that as a excel time to be up with no noise or distractions. I am able to get work done. It seem like that’s the time when my creative juices really flows. I know that I can’t be the only one that fee this way? For me it’s like that night time is when I really can see the world for what it really is and begin to draw alot of motivation and inspiration from it. Sometimes I just find myself grabbing my keys to the car and taking long drives from the suburb to the city if Chicago. I’ll be talking to myself, coming up with interesting topics to write or talk about. I mean hahaa I really be talking to myself. If you drove pass me and look through the window you would think that someone is sitting next to me. The talks is almost like if I’m being prepared to talk to a audience of some sort. But I definitely agree the night is where I get most stuff done and I always see everyday of the hour as equally as important as the night to get myself in order. But for me it’s something about the night, where the one on one time just me, Yahawah and his son Yahawashi, the Ruach Hakodesh (the holy spirit) and my thoughts it’s like a party. I can chill and just focus on what it is the I want to accomplish and nothing can interfere with that.