Let’s look behind the veil and find out.

It’s not so much that content creators are reliable sources of information themselves. Its that content creators provide a more realistic perspective to real world issues and topics. There’s a war upon us and it’s on information. Who is the reliable and trustworthy source that you should be receiving your information from? That is the question. As most people probably know by now our media outlets like Fox, CNN and many more are controlled by the highers ups. There are narratives that are being promoted for certain media members to push onto the mass as believable news worthy stories.

As a twenty-six year old I too find myself straying away from the news. I used to look at the news as a young child everyday with my dad before school and summer camp. I remember as a young boy catching the blue line train here in Chicago with my dad and before you would walk down the stairs on Division and Ashland there would be a man standing there handing out Red Eye newspapers. Although I used to do this as a child I stopped watching the news because I noticed earlier on that all the information that was being talked about from the news media was fear. It seemed like after the year of 2001 to now you turn on the news it’s talking about what the American people should beware of. If it wasn’t terrorist it was the west Nile virus, swan flu, the measel out break, war in the middle East, Russia supposedly rigid the election. So if it’s not fear tactics it’s what demographic to beware of.


When you hear so much of that you begin to wonder okay what’s the strategies that the American people and it’s government is going to do to combat what’s taking place in our country. You begin to search for stability in the news that’s given. Authenticity, perspective, reality, order. And all that’s being pushed is fear, ideologies, the old tactic of divide and conquer.

If you ask me this information war is just foreshadowing whats to come. Because the problem that the media is having with the non-media personnel is that the non-media is encouraging the masses to be individual thinkers.

-The advantage of a non-media personnel-

The advantage that the non-media personnel have over the media members is that they are not employed by big corporations news outlets such as ESPN, FOX, CNN, NBC, etc. They can voice their opinion on a particular issue and have no worries in losing their job. So these non-media members have nothing to loses.

Now what the public at large have to understand is that when listening to non-media personnel. They are just giving their opinion on a particular topic. A opinion don’t have to be right or wrong. It’s just a person’s view on what they are watching and hearing. That’s one of the beauty of freedom of speech. The problem within our world is that facts are seen as opinions and opinions are seen as facts.

-It wouldn’t be this way if people stopped believing what they hear and do the research-

Some of the non-media personnel have done extensive research to gather information on a issue that they want to cover so they can go further in depth and give the viewing audience more insight on a topic. So the viewing audience can grasp what they are watching and hearing. Now the issue with this is the public that is receiving their news from the non-media personnel is taking what the non-media personnel as facts without doing further research so they can dig up evidence to support what they are hearing.

There wouldn’t be much of a information war if people would do their do diligence to do some research on particular topics and issues. Rather than believe any and everything that is being reported on. It amazes me how people are tired of the news because they are not interested in what is being reported. Some feel that the news don’t give facts it’s just narrative driven. But they go and listen to a non-media personnel and take everything that they say as face value. How can you have 100% confidence that they know what they are talking about and done their research?

This is the age of information any and everything that we want to know is at our fingers tips like never before. With one click of a button we have full access to all information. With all that being said people are lazy. People actually prefer others to do all the research, analyzing, deciphering, decoding, etc so they can communicate the information in such a way that it informs people as to what is taking place in the world around them.

People must realize for the non-media personnel that do extensive research this educates them and makes them knowledgeable. They are just telling you what they have gained and gathered. You have to do research so you gain and gather your own understanding.

It’s sad because if they aren’t talking then how are you growing.

Teens receiving the news from content creators don’t surprise me. These teens look up to the content creators. They look up to athletes, singers, all in all celebrities. I mean when you see a celebrity on the TV looking so sincere addressing a issue. It is embedded in the minds of the youth that this particular celebrity knowledgeable on what they are talking about. Our youth is under a spell of being a fanboy/girl that they are willing accepting anything that is being reported on. That’s because their favorite YouTuber, athlete or singer have developed such a strong cult of personality in the minds and eyes of the youth that they have gained the trust of our youth. They follow and latch onto their every word without questioning or researching.

I mean have you seen how some grown men and women act when you question, correct or have a opinion on what their favorite celebrity, actor, athlete says. They go crazy, they be about to rip your head clean off your shoulders. You Should hear the cult of LeBron’s followers. Whatever LeBron say then it is so. I mean talk about for LeBron I’ll live and for LeBron I’ll die.

In all seriousness the youth aren’t invested in reading and doing real research. This is the age of social media. With one click of the button you have someone speaking to you what you can look up for yourself and gather your own interpretation of what’s really being said. It’s easier that way. Our teens are way too busy nowadays to stop and read a newspaper or go to a library. They are on the go going to class and some even have work, sport practice or after school programs/organizations after school. So they need something quick fast and in a hurry. They don’t prefer something that takes up alot of time.

-How to Engage Your Teen-

1) Ask them questions

I know many parents probably asked their teen a time of questions and most if not some probably give a stand offish answer. Their minds is in a state of development. They are trying to understand why in the hell is my parent asking me these questions? But it comes off as why in the hell is my parents talking to me? And what do they want? They may perceive you as picking or annoying them but they don’t understand that as a parent it’s your job to prepare, warn, alter and train up a child in the way that he should go so when he gets older he will not depart from it.

So at the dinner table, bus, train or car rides. Hell even walks. Ask them questions to see how their minds process the world around them. Hold conversations with them that sow seeds wisdom and knowledge into their brain, life, soul, spirit. And if they hit you with the “I DON’T KNOW.” Hit them with the “YES YOU DO, TRY.” Challenge them to realize the world around them not through the glass of a TV, computer or smartphone. It’s important that our youth stay engaged in issues that are taking place in our towns, cities, states and countries. Because when they get older they will be the next generation up to deal with this and if they don’t have a plan of attack to combat and resolve these issues that we face day to day. Well, then, they are in trouble.

2) Encourage them to use the internet to something meaningful

Many of you have teens with a phone. Heck, hahaa their are some five, six and seven year olds with a smartphone. Show them parents how it’s done. As I said we live in the information phase of life. One click in a button and you 24/7 access to any and everything imaginable. There is nothing wrong with receiving information in a matter if seconds. The problem is that with the 24/7 access the teens are engaging in the wrong source of information. Swiping left and right on profile Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat pics is not the most reliable way to be engaged in the world around them. Show them how to use search engines like Google, yahoo, YouTube, etc and pull up statics and data that can quantify and qualify reasoning for what is going on in the world around them. We are in the information age so everything is digital now. Nothing wrong with that. Parents get more tech savvy and direct the youth toward what they should be invested in. It’s nothing wrong with social but use it for a source of entertainment. Discourage using it for understanding reality.

Our generation of technology was created by the generation before us. We are just the ones using it foolishly. Show the teens the correct way so they can pull purpose out of it.

3) Increase in public knowledge

You will find that more teens have knowledge of the latest fashion trends and who a celebrity is dating rather than them knowing what crisis or issues that are taking place in the world. I read a article on Why Teens Need To Follow Current Events written by Randi Mazzella and there was a study that showed,

Only 15 percent of 18-29 years olds were considered are among the” most informed” compared with 47 percent of those ages 50-64 years old. This is upsetting news considering that at 18, young people begin voting in elections. How can you vote if you do not know what is going on in the world?


Good question, how can you vote if you don’t know what’s going on? We live in a world that’s so entertainment driven. It seems that everything we do, eat, drink, say, wear is for entertainment purposes. So as a teen why take matters serious and understand what’s going on in our world. It’s hard for them to because they are mostly focused on be caught up to the latest trends and fads so they won’t be shamed and left out. See that’s why it’s important that the youth is brought up from birth with a understanding of what’s important in life verses what’s purely used as a sources of pleasure. The lines of reality and entertainment are blurred when it comes to teens focus on what really matters in this lifetime. So why take important issues and topics serious when they clearly see that this world places more of an importance on entertainment then it does anything else?

4) It starts at home

Really this should have been number 1 but it starts at home. It’s the parents or guardians job to emphasize the importance of being knowledgeable on the world that these teens live in. That takes the parents or guardians to be informed as well. You can’t wonder or be upset when they go to their favorite YouTuber or entertainer and seek out truth and understanding. Some of these entertainers and YouTubers are used as pawns constantly being shown shown to the masses in a certain way that appeals to the demographics of this world so they can win over the people trust. Then used to stress the importance of certain topics and issues. How can you fault a teen for looking toward them for information? It’s being promoted that look at me your favorite YouTuber or entertainer cares about something that no one else is even noticing or talking about so trust me. It’s the battle for your child’s attention and trust. The battle is on between the propagators and the enforcers. The world is raising and sowing into the youth. Everything that is being planned, pushed and promoted on the TV and Internet through commercials and ads is to get the youth attention. At this stage in their life the youth is up for grabs. It’s fair game when it comes to who will the youth trust in receiving news information. This shouldn’t be a shocker this has been a war for years. This society is pushing a narrative that it wants the youth to accept and be apart of. Our youth don’t know what’s really going on behind closed doors and all these forms of entertainment that they receive their information from full of miss and disinformation. Makes them perfect candidates to further a agenda that has set into motion since this worlds inception without them even knowing it. All they are doing is receiving information from certain people that don’t know just like they don’t know. What the Bible say the blind shall lead the blind and they will all fall into a ditch.

So this information war is not just about information between the media and non-media personnel. This war is for the youth. Who can grab the youth’s attention and trust when it comes to them seeking out news information. Who will they listen to. Remember it don’t have to be right or wrong. It just have to be structured in such a way that it looks and sounds believable.