Author of quote anonymous

Never give up on your dreams with hard work, dedication, drive, focus, patience and time you will accomplish great things. Also I want to add to that never let and listen to someone who tells you that you are addicted. Those people don’t understand that you have eat, sleep and embodied that in which you are striving to achieve. They are stuck in a realm of a unrealistic perspective of thinking that they just have to speak what they want and wait without doing any work. So never mind them just keep on going. As long as you aren’t placing what you desire above the heavenly father and you keep him first and everything else last. Then you will be fine. You have to keep believing in yourself. Reaching that mountain top can be a lonely journey but I tell you what. You have to be your own cheerleader. When you don’t feel like going, go. When you don’t feel like doing, do. When you don’t see any change happening, still keep going. Focus on the level of work not the results that from amount of work that you put into something. When you don’t think that process is working, that’s when it works. Why is that? Well like I said before when you focus on the process and not the success that come from the process. Then the true manifestation of how much work, determination, diligence, focus, determination, etc will show.

Y’all stay blessed. Duces.