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Hey people in life maybe in a higher position then you are. They may hold a higher status than you in life. They may have reached their goals before you have. Other people whether you k ow them or not may be somewhere in their life that you aren’t. It’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. In this world there are various people on various levels. You maybe in a place that others aren’t and they maybe looking at you with anger, resentment, hatred, sadness, jealousy, etc. And once again it’s no the end of the world. You must keep going. If something that you are looking for or want to accomplish in your life and it did not work out for you but for someone else. It’s okay. It just mean that, that particular thing was for them and it was not for you. Don’t be mad, anger or feel like it’s the end of the world. Go out there and find what is for you and be good at it that it works in your favor. Everything has a season, reason and a purpose. With that being said as humans sometimes the thing that we are seeking, asking and working toward may not be ours. It’s probably not our season to receive it yet. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not ours and it doesn’t mean that it’s for us either. When you go for that which you desire your only motive can’t be because you want it. You have to have a purpose for it. The heavenly father is not interested in just supplying our worldly desires and we don’t mean to go any good with it. Everything that we want and do must give worship and praise back to the father and to serve our fellow man.
What you want and is asking for this is not the season for you yet. That’s why you haven’t got what you wanted. It’s always because the person next to you is putting in more work than you. It’s not because they have all the answers and you don’t. Sometimes is just because it’s their time and it’s not yours yet. Or this is for them and you are trying to make something that is not for you, beneath you, don’t even compare to what the heavenly father had in store for you. You’re trying to make that yours. Have you ever took a step back and thought that you could be living beneath your means? What you haven’t got yet is probably beneath you? Let me tell you something don’t get so desperate for what you want and haven’t got yet that you begin to lower your standards and start accepting anything. Just so you can feel not left out. Because I’m telling you you’re hurt, upset and confused as of now to the reason why you haven’t went anywhere in life. You don’t want to lower your standards and accept anything because you will be really upset. Not only did you not get what you wanted but you will hate what you settled for.
So at this time why you are in a season of waiting, working and anticipating. Don’t focus your time, energy and effort on getting what you want and don’t have. Focus your time, energy and effort on building yourself, developing wisdom, knowledge and understandment. So when doors do open for you, you will not only fit and match what you want but you will have all the tools handy that you need to not only ascend to the level that you desire but be able to last there.
So Peace