Reblog: The Journey Begins….

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I remember when I first started my blog my first post was something like if you’re going to try why not start with yourself. Back when the website was called keyshaun Man the first time you start something it can be nerve racking. But once you start you see that it’s not so bad and what was I nervous about in the first place. But what’s more nerve racking is not starting and being in a constant state of wonderment of what could have been if I began. Where would I be now if I started and continued. So yeah go visit her blog show her some love. Welcome her to the WordPress family.
So peace

Encouragement for your Day

Hello Everyone and Thanks for joining me!

I am stepping way out of my comfort zone because I am definitely not a writer nor a public speaker but I am looking forward to sharing my personal experiences and sharing encouragement with you all to help you get through your day. As most know that in times like we live today there are so many different distractions and times that we just feel like there is no HOPE ❤ and so I want to spread a little bit of encouragement for us all.

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Much Love to all….

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. — John Rockefeller

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