Found this article and it’s speaks alot of truth. Being a tee year old I see a lot if young people around my age and younger when they get a increase in pay or just have a job where they can clock inna lot of money the first thing that they think about is buying things that depreciation in value. Like cars, X-box, PlayStation, jewelry, etc. They can’t wait to hand the money back over instead of saving it and investing in things that appreciate in value and will still exist long after they are gone from this earth. Like buildings, properties. My generation of young people have to know the importance of investing in things that is worth value. Using our younger years to establish financial freedom. In day and time we are so invested in getting rich. Rather that being a athletes or a musician of some sort. That we are not paying attention that there is no one way to attain wealth. You have to be smart with your money and seek out opportunities to grow the money. As a young person we love fast money but don’t understand the ins and outs of how to double or even triple our profits. So we just quickly hand it back over to the economy and constant keep making others richer than ourselves. Our mindset needs to change. We need to start looking into buying and selling goods. Like from stores such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay and much more. We can buy something that like let’s say a pair of Jordans at $250 then try to resale it for double that. I mean if we’re silly enough to buy a pair of shoes that is retailed at $250 that only value is to cover our feet and walk on the nasty ground through mud, spit, pee and dog mess. Then there is someone out there just as silly enough to buy this for $500 or even $450 if the item is something that is valuable enough to the consumer.

My point is start investing your money into things that will appreciate over time not depreciation over time.

So peace