Found this pin on Pinterest. I agree deep conversations is good for the mind and feeds the soul. Man have you ever had a conversation that was so good with a person that you didn’t want it to end? The conversation was so good that you didn’t want any interruptions or distractions? Have you ever held a conversation with a person on that level that half way through the conversation you said or they said man where have you been all of my life. Finally someone who gets me and speaks my language?

I used to have these conversations all the time. Actually I still do between my wife and I. I remember all of them very well. These conversations are mental pictures that are stored in my mind. I love them conversations and I enjoy them. It feels so good to come across a individual that you can vibe with and connect on a higher mental level. The chemistry just be flowing and you can tell that it’s not forced. It’s just authentic. It just kind of sucks that once you are done having a conversation with that person you go out into the world and immediately run into someone who can’t really hold a conversation like that on a higher level. You begin to feel like man this is weird and I don’t really want to talk to them. Boy this conversation is not giving to me but it’s fueling them just by me standing here nodding my in agreement like if I care about what they saying.

But hey deep conversations are memorable. They are priceless. They give to you, pushes you to think like never before, matures you almost instantly, it ignites a flame within, challenges you, etc.

So peace