Author of quote is anonymous

Hey have you ever talked to a person or was trying to explain something to a person and they think that you know what you are taking about so they jump to conclusions and start answering what they think that you are saying. You find yourself looking at them with a serious look on your face and ask them did you get the message? What was the point that I was trying to convey to you? They can’t answer the question so you say to them. Could you listen please and then you start re-explaining all over again. Half way through re-explaining you just give up and say never mind you’ll find out someday. This happens because that person was not listening. They were jumping to conclusions and answering what they thought that you were saying. They were not really following the message so they could understand the information within the conversation that could benefit them. I believe that most people miss the message because they don’t believe that the message is for them. They were just listening long enough so they can get a word in. That’s what I think about when I read this quote.

So peace