Reblog: 5 Steps for a Healthier Mind

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A healthier mind equals a healthier lifestyle

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Hi everyone,

As mentionned in my previous post I have gone through a bit of a breakdown in the past year where I was feeling lost, like I did not belong in this world and was starting to go really dark in my mind. At the same time of probably going towards depression I was suffering from general anxiety disorder (GAD) where every day worry was taking over my life and my brain, I constantly felt like I was not enough and that any steps that I took could make the world fall down.

I was starting to have panic attacks, difficult times to breathe, hard to concentrate and joint/stomach pains. I was not being efficient at work and I definetely did not feel present in the moments of my life. That’s when I decided it was enough and that it was not a life that I wanted to live…

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