I used to sit in church as a child and wonder why are we hearing the same message over and over again being taught in different ways? That stuff used to annoy me. I felt like man these preachers need to get on the Bible game a little bit better. I mean there are different stories in the Bible. way more scriptures than the usual ones that they like to speak on. Heck turn the TV to TBN and copy some of these televangelist sermons. I won’t be mad just stop talking about the same thing over and over again. I used to ask what is it that we are not doing? What is it that we are not understanding? What’s is it that we are not getting? Now that I’m older I get it now. We haven’t learned our lesson. We keep going back and subjecting ourselves to the things of old because we haven’t let go So we can free up a hand to reach out and grab the things that are new. So when we get ready to listen to what is being taught then we will see a change in the message and that is solely based on a change taking place in us.

So peace