With so much negative shit in this world nowadays. People need to spread more of that happiness, joy and positive energy. Life is about serving the most high first of all and then making sure that you and your loved ones are taking care of and happy. Life is too short for this negative crap. Life is very fickle. You can be here today and gone tonight. People should make the most if their time by sharing and enjoying the people that are in their life. Don’t walk around with a frown on your face smile. You’re wasting precious energy. It takes more muscles to frown then to smile. I don’t mean enjoy your life or the people around you by drinking and doing drugs. No that’s not joy. That’s a first class ticket to the grave. I mean sit back appreciate the ones around you. Thank them for all that they have contributed to helping get to where you are today. Stop worrying about you. The most high got you. Bless those around you that lack the essentials for their life. I can’t tell you enough but I am at my happiest when I give of myself and bless those that are in need. I understand that my gifts, talents and abilities are not given to me so I can serve myself, glorify myself. You know be stingy and keep it all to me. No my gifts, talents and abilities was given to me so I can serve others. They were given to me so I can be fully equipped so I can take care of the job that the most high positioned me to handle. (Shameless plug thus fisherofmen was born) Through this work I am serving and worshipping the father. But also I am spreading that peace and Positivity that will encourage and place a smile on those individuals faces that are struggling. It lets them know that just hold on brighter days are coming.

Yo spread that Positivity. Just like the gospel song says I pray for you, you pray for me. I love you I need you to survive. I won’t harm you with words from my mouth. I love you. I need you to survive. Man that’s it and that’s all. Is anybody even important anymore? Do anybody even matter to anybody anymore? Do anybody care if their fellow man survives?

Remember there’s more than one way to kill a man. You have your usual. Fist, knife and gun. Then you have your tongue and in it lies both life and death. You won’t kill a man physically but his physical body will be paralyzed because you killed him mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So peace