Reblog: From ICD

This is motivational. The man had a heart condition and didn’t let it hold him back. Not once did he allow his situation to fracture his mental. He kept going. Makes you wonder what’s wrong with alot of us who don’t have mental issues or health conditions that’s holding us back. Why are we losing at every turn in life. What’s truly holding us back?

4 thoughts on “Reblog: From ICD

  1. We just fail to appreciate everything we have, privileges, abilities, time. Practicing mindfulness could help with this. I am trying to reorganize my life because I realized that there was indeed a lot I was taking for granted and wasting.

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    • Definitely keep working on yourself toward realizing all that you do have. I encourage you to keep going. I mean I can relate to you. I too had to take a step back to see everything that I had in my. I was more focus on what I wanted instead of what I have. So I had to reorganize my life as well and become more grounded and appreciative because life was not going great for me. I was not able to get to a certain places in my life. Dear I say my road became harder. But once again I encourage you to keep going and taking those steps toward bettering yourself. You’re on a great track and doing what very few of us do and choose to realize that we need to change. That’s awesome.


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