Question on @Quora: What is something about you that people admire but they dislike?

I thought the question said they dislike instead of you dislike but whatever I changed the question a little bit. Enjoy.

Question on @Quora: What is something about you that people admire but you dislike?

Found this question on Quora. Made me think about over the years how I got into alot of fights and lost alot of friends over the years. People who know me say that they love my honesty, positive outlook on life and my ability to not give a “F” about what people might say or think about me. I don’t allow people to control my life or stop my happiness. I’m unique, I’m my own person. Lastly, I’m a quite person. I’m a observer. I speak when it’s meant for me to speak I don’t just open up my mouth and talk because I have one. All of these things about me man, people like them but hate them about me at the same time. I have had so many friendships that turned sour because later on in the friendship people would wonder why is that I’m a closed person. How come they don’t know more about me than I allow pets to know? Why don’t inlet people in? Why am I a closed individual? See it’s not that I’m a closed individual. I’m a introverted individual. I pay close attention to those around me. I use life experiences that gain over years to understand who I should associate myself with and who I shouldn’t associate with. I have realized throughout my twenty-six years on this planet that most people don’t know what friendship is. Most people don’t understand what value and trust mean. Most people that come into another person life is there for a couple of reason.

1) Either you have something they like and want

2) You have something that they can use for their agenda

This is just my opinion. No way am i saying that there are not some good, genuine people out there who come into your life and make a positive impact on you. I am saying that I have noticed that most people that come into someone else life think that they are some type of savour. They think that they know all and have all of the answers. They think that you need saving because your lost. I’m not interested in a charity friendship.

Now for me I know this too well. I said earlier that I am a introvert. I keep to myself and mind my own damn business. People think that I’m weird, weak and afraid of life. This world has this perception that the loud, take charge person is the one who is going far in life and dear I say a leader. The quiet one is timid, scared, lost and don’t know his/herself. They are not leaders but need leading.

This is wrong. I like what Jackie Chan told Chris Tucker character in Rush Hour 1. Chris Tucker character Detective Carter said Lee if you knew English all of this time why didn’t you say something. You had me believing that you didn’t know anything. Jackie Chan character Inspector Lee replied by saying I didn’t tell you because you’re full of shit. You thought just because I’m quiet I don’t know anything. The loudest one is the weakest one in the room.

I like that because it speaks volume. People take meekness as a form of weakness. They don’t understand that the loudest person is the one that is convincing everybody to look at them and acknowledge them. Take them serious. Pay them attention. Value them they are a leader and know the way. All that person is displaying is that they don’t have much to offer or if they do they were never taught the correct way to go about doing so. You don’t have to make a scene in order to convince people that you are a leader. The Bible says it best, they shall know you by the fruit that you bare. By me being quiet and I’m sure others have experienced this as well. People have come into my life and tried to get information off of me. They tried to say certain things to me. Whether lie and say that so in so said this about you and it really was them or try and get bold with me a say belittling things. Just to get a reaction out of me. People like to see what makes others tick. I notice that when you are too open with people who don’t deserve that transparency they will use the very information that you have given to manipulate you.

People can’t seem to understand why is it that I don’t open up so easily. It’s not that I’m afraid. Nope. I just have some wisdom and insight on people psychological make up. When you mature in life you grasp a better understanding on who you can talk to and who you shouldn’t. Who you can be around and who you shouldn’t. Who you can tell information to and who you shouldn’t. You understand how to pick your battles.

Most people can’t seem to understand that. So you will get people in your life that tell you that you should trust them and you should open up to them. They will ask you why don’t you trust them. If a person has to ask you, force you or create situations that place you in a area of life where you feel that you have to give them what they want. They are a SHITTY person who don’t deserve you giving them anything. People don’t understand that you have to earn someone’s love and trust. This ain’t the grocery store where you walk to the back by the deli and meat section and they are giving out free samples. No, you have to earn this shit.

Lastly, people come into other people’s lives thinking that they need love. Everybody now that is in a relationship whether it be friends, sex buddies, cuddle buddies, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband, wife or even if you had a child because you are missing love. People are on this delusional love pill. I have heard this alot in my life oh Keyshaun your life would be much better if you have some to love. Just think about what your life would be like.

Look when you love yourself you don’t need nobody else. Listen to what I am saying. You don’t need to surround yourself with a bunch of people to give you something that you didn’t get when you were young. It took me until college to get in a serious relationship. Because for me as a young man I come from a household where i have both my dad and mom present and married. So I got all the loven that I needed. I wasn’t longing for the touch, the attention and affection of anyone. I was and still am focus on what it is that I want to attain in my life time. My time is valuable and I don’t have time to fill it with foolishness. I don’t have time to allow someone into my life that is telling me that I need to love someone who is just there to take up space and pull my energy, time, effort and attention from me so they can get everything out of me that they didn’t get growing up from mommy and daddy. Fuck that, hording people ain’t worth it. I’m not interested in playing Dr. Phil and Oprah. Some people I will go fat with but others nope. But anyway if you take anything from this love yourself.

1) Stop hording people and forcing them to give to you what you can give to yourself.

2) Stop allowing people to get into these relationships with you and pull time, effort, attention and energy from you.

3) Sit back and become a student all over again. Observe who you are letting into your life. Not everyone comes with you intentions.

4) There is nothing wrong with you having a meek personally. Be secure in who you are because most people aren’t.

5) Love yourself you don’t need anybody else

6) Keep focusing on your goals and dreams. Don’t let people drail you off the track.

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8) Peace

Question on @Quora: What is something about you that people admire but you dislike?