Pretty interesting video. The word Illuminati has become so over used that we use it now to explain any and everything that is happening in our world. True there is such a group that was formed in the 1700s but it’s not one group of people making decisions. No, it’s a council of 13 that sits high on the pyramid governing these other limbs that are apart of the same body that is just doing the work of Satan himself. They call it “the great work.” There purpose is to put that last capstone on the pyramid; finishing the work that was started by Kush and Nimrod. The teachings that man can reach immortality by connecting with his higher self. Man is his own god. Pretty much the polytheistic teachings and rebellion toward the most high. But anyway these elites like their father Satan don’t care about you and I. All they care about are themselves. This world that we live in they call it the matrix. In this world they are God’s and we are their slaves. They believe life would better and balanced if we didn’t exist.

So peace