It’s funny how the devil talks to us in our own voice from within telling us that we cannot do certain things. We should give up. We will never get better, be better and have better. Defy that voice. Don’t allow the enemy to punk you or shame you from reaching your full potential. That voice that you hear within you is wrong. The only reason why it’s telling you any and everything negative because it’s afraid of you. That voice does not want you to tap into what the heavenly father have placed down on the inside of you. That voice don’t want you to know your potential. That voice don’t want you to realize your greatness. That voice knows that if you realize who you are and what you are then there is no holding you back. You will rise up and become what you have always been destined to be. See that voice inside need you to be weak, confused, lost, ignorant and naive because it makes that inner voice seem right about what it’s telling you. But how can that voice be right in telling you that you can’t do something when you haven’t even tried. Or hell, you don’t really know your full capabilities.

What I am trying to say is that don’t listen to that inner voice tell you that you can’t do something. It is wrong and afraid of you because it knows who you truly are and that is you’re one bad Motherfucker.

Now go do what that voice said that you couldn’t do.