It maybe a uphill battle to get there in whatever reasoning you or someone else maybe climbing for. But don’t focus on the difficulties of the climb. Don’t worry about being well equipped to make this climb. Focus on giving everything you got. You will face bitter cold. strong to heavy winds. The constant reminder that you didn’t go through this much hell when you were on the ground. Just keep climbing. Not too many people are willing to make this climb. Many talk about it but few are actually doing it. You’re victory is not in remaining on the ground wondering how would life be for me if I was to have already climbed to the top. You’re victory is in beginning. Overcome your battles and struggles that by having a made up mind you will and have already reached the top and won. Once you make it to the top you will look back and say “this was worth the struggling.” If you think that life was easy breezy at the bottom. Oh boy! Just wait until you experience the top.

So peace