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NO one takes you seriously
Wassup everyone. So I was reading other Blogger blog post and I came across this particular post. No one takes you serious. And I just have to say that most of us if not all of us probably have or will feel this way during the course if life. But the reason why people don’t take us serious is because we don’t take ourselves serious. I am reminded of what my dad would tell me every time I would come to him upset about someone treating me wrong for any giving reason. He would say, “Shaun, people learn how to treat you from observing how you treat yourself.” I didn’t understand this at first but now I do. For example, let’s say that you are a girl and you are a promiscuous one at that. Everytime a person sees you you’re always flirting and making sexual advances toward particular guys that you want to be with for purely sexual purposes. But this particular you don’t know much about him but you believe that he is boyfriend material. So you approach him differently that the other guys. You show how respectful of a young women that you really are. So you’re holding a intelligent conversation. You’re dressed respectfully. But the guy that you are talking to is not buying what you are selling. He is not invested in the conversation nor does he care about how you’re dressed respectful. He gets straight to business and wants to know what’s in it for him. Now you’re taken back by this. You can’t believe that he would just see you as a piece of meat, a potential fling, a snack instead of a main course. But you have to remember you can’t get upset at that particular person for responding to you in that manner. You have lived a portion of your life showing the opposite of who you really are. You try to take the serious approach but maybe he has heard by word of mouth the type of girl that you are so he thought that when you was talking to him you were giving him a opportunity to experience what others have. Not knowing that you viewed him differently than the others and wanted something more than just one night thing.
My point is that people will take you serious when you first know how to take yourself serious. You must value yourself. See yourself as worthy. Have a vision and a plan for your life. Have goals. Make a standard that you will live by. Don’t expect people to see you for who you truly are when you don’t spend time developing yourself and showing it. You can’t blame others or get mad at them for not knowing or seeing something about you when you don’t see it enough in yourself to manifest it daily.
So peace