Pretty cool question that I found on Quora. There’s alot of terrible and there is a lot of good about the internet. But what do you find that you hate about the internet??

My answer:

I dislike all of the ads and pop ups that appear on the computer upon searching or looking at YouTube videos. I understand that sites need to make money because of sponsorship but man they could calm it down just a little. It makes me believe that corporations are spending lump sums of money to do research in the millions and billions of Internet users to find out what we like. What peaks our interest. What gets our attention. I’m noticing onces you click on one ad there will be more just like that ad or not even a ad. It could a certain video or song or picture or etc. The Internet will keep producing the same material to draw you in. It’s pretty annoying if you ask me. But I understand it’s a business. So they do what they got to do to keep you searching and clicking.

Answer to What is one thing that you just absolutely hate about the internet? by Keyshaun Collins