Have you ever sat down and just thought to yourself what is your reasoning for being on this planet? Have you ever wondered what do you possess that is of value?

We live in a world where being famous has more value than an individuals self worth. If you’re not widely recognized by hundreds of thousands and millions of people then what are you doing with your life. It seems like everyday you turn on the television and tune into social media someone is trying to display a talent that they believe that they have. Everyone seem to try and strive for that recognition that will sky rocket them to fame and stardom.

What is self-worth

According to dictionary.com


the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect.

It’s sad that we live in a world where people are valued based on their appearance, social group and stature. All is valuable but it does not help you grow as a individual. People have to understand how to value themselves. It is important that you know who your are in these times that we are living in because it is easy to get caught up in how the world views you. Who the world says that you are. What the world tells you is of value.

I remember as a young boy that my mom and dad would tell me if you don’t stand for something than you will fall for anything. This is one of the values that I carry with me till this day. In essences what my parents were communicating to me that out here in the world there are ALot of examples. Both good and bad. I needed to stop trying to adapt some of every bodies personality, traits and character and develop my own. Be a individual. Learn who I am as a person. Love the traits that I have about my self. Develop into the man that I need to be.

See having self worth and values are a form of identity for a person. It helps you establish boundaries, set parameters and attain a level of order and structure to your life. You know who you are and what you stand for. Also the people that you come into contact with will know you as well. See we look at self worth and values as being blessed by the most high to have gifts and talents. But self worth and values can be something as small as your core beliefs. Mottos that you live by.

For example, let’s say that you and a friend are out. You two are just hanging out around town. Hitting up some restaurants, some stores. The usual. Now your friend at one if the restaurants that you two ate at. Says to you are you going to get a drink? You reply yeah probably a soda or a lemonade. They say no a drink with alcohol. Now let’s say that you come from a environment that you seen what drinking does to people. Consumption of alcohol destroyed your mom and dad’s marriage because your dad couldn’t restraint himself from the bottle. So you have purposed it in your heart to never drink and date someone who drinks as well. But your friend probably doesn’t know that part about your life. So you kindly tell your friend no thank you. I’m okay. I’ll get a water or something. Now they keep pressing for you to have a drink with them. They say come on but you’re my friend. How come you won’t have one. You’re cool and a lot of cool people drink. What’s the worst that could happen. You explain the situation that you endured as a young child to your friend. Your friend hears you and backs off and understands who you are when it comes to drinking and never pressures you in that area again.

Obviously from the example that particular person endured some hard times in their youth to which molded them and shapes their core values and self worth. They are able to understand that they don’t have to drink to have fun. Noe does it matter the number of cool people drinking. This one will not be participating. They realize about them self that drinking destroyed their dads dignity, self respect and integrity. This particular person is not willing to sacrifice all of that just for a adult beverage with their meal.

It’s good as a person to know your self worth and value. You realize your full potential as person and you give yourself the opportunity to cultivate it and maximize it to the best of your ability.

Here are a list of ways to unlock your value.

1) You have to love and value yourself as a person

Stop viewing yourself as someone who is a lost cause, not capable or incompetent. You are very capable. Where ever you went wrong in loving yourself you have to get that back. The most high has blessed you with tremendous gifts, talents and abilities. He has possessed you with his gifts. The most high don’t make no mistakes. He is not going to give that which he treasures to a incompetent person. He going to give his treasures to a person that he views as worthy. If he sees you worthy. Then you need to start seeing your self as that as well.

2) Be able to assert yourself and make decisions

Stop sitting back being timid. The only way for you to accomplish or do whatever it is that you desire to do. You have to go out and grab whats yours. Stop sitting back waiting for others to acknowledge you. Stop waiting for others give you a hand out. Get up and go after whats yours. Life is too short to hesitate. Go for it. Go get it now. You will never know unless you do.

3) Recognize your strengths

Stop sitting back just focusing on the negative all the time. There has to be more positive then good about yourself. If you keep focusing on your negatives, weakness and not strengths. How will you ever be able to learn how to turn your weakness into your strength. There is no such thing as a complete person. We all have weakness about ourselves. That is what just comes with being a human. But if you focus more on the strengths then you will become a more sound, fine tooled, developed individual. Where your weakness won’t have much of an affect overall. What I am trying to say is focus on what you can do and less of what you can’t do.

4) Put yourself out there. Try new things

You can’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Hey it’s life. It’s okay. You’re gonna get hurt sometimes. You’re going to stumble. You may even fall. People may laugh at you because you don’t have it all together just yet. But focus on the yet part. You have to try and good for it. Block out all of the fears and use that motivation and inspiration to propel you into your destiny where you have and you’re doing it.

Don’t let your fears stop you from what can better you.


5) Show yourself some compassion

Simply put don’t neglect yourself of love. Stop starving yourself of that kindness, love and compassion that you deserve. Life is hard and brutal. Mistakes happen. You’re not going to have it all together and you most definitely will not have all the answers. But hey, that is why we wake up everyday and move forward and do the best with what we got. Don’t forget that you’re human and you’re in a learning process. You are going through a maturation phase. Take it ease in yourself. Don’t stress, stay bless. Love yourself.

6) Take time to yourself

This is important. Everyday that we get free time use it. Take that time to be alone and understand who you are. ALot of times we don’t want to find out about ourselves. We use that alone that we should invest in ourselves and fill it with surrounding ourselves around other people. Journal your changes, your growth, your mindset. I encourage you to take time to rest and recover but know who you are in every step you take in life. Don’t Rob yourself of that knowledge and understanding.

7) Reorganize your life

You know how you clean your house. Move the furniture around. Clean and Reorganize the closest so you can have more space for new things. Do your life exactly like that. If you have negative people or involving yourself in negative activities. PULL YOURSELF AWAY FROM IT AND SET IT IN THE DISPOSABLE PILE. You are what you hang around. If you don’t have self worth or values about yourself then take a step back and analyze your choice of company that you are involved in. These things whether it being a person, place or thing can add to our life and subtract from our life. Beware what you let in because it can have a great influence over you.

Some other things that you can do but we’re not listed are

Adapt a winning mindset

Believe that you deserve happiness

Develop the mindset that you matter

Walk with confidence not cockiness

Believe that you are capable

I hope that this was helpful to you and blessed you.

So peace