When you woke up today the devil said, “oh! crap they awake.”

As long as we keep waking up and living. We don’t get a rest. There is no days off for us. The devil is busy. He’s roaming this Earth seeking whom he may devour. He is busy trying to stop you from being what the Heavenly Father created you to be. He is trying to get your mind because he knows that if he can get your mind focused on everything but the most high then your body will follow. I’m going to tell you a secret. The devil is more afraid of you then you should of him. The devil is jealous of you. He knows that if you were to step into your full power that you have. There ain’t anything that he can do with you. So his mission is to stop you and hinder you from the promise of the Father. You have the promise of the Heavenly Father. The devil traded his in along time ago just to exalt himself above the throne. But as for you. You have a chance. Your book isn’t finish being written. You can have the crown of life. Don’t let the enemy get the satisfaction of stealing your joy, peace, love, long-suffering, meekness.

So peace