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You ain’t seen nothing yet. The best is yet to come if you just hold on to your dreams.

The Godly Chic Diaries

God put dreams in us – But what we can picture is only a mirror image of what He actually has in store for us…

Confession time:🙊You guys, I struggle with dreaming, like all-aboard-the-struggle-bus type of struggle. I like to keep my feet on the ground( probably a little dug-in, just for extra measure.😊)I like to have a plan and just not any plan, a realistic and practical plan. But lately I’ve been realising the importance of dreaming because God uses the dreams He puts into His people to reveal Himself to the world.

I’m the one with the notebook full of business plans, kickstarts, visions for non-profit causes and ways to make this world better -💥- Whenever I land on the dream spectrum – I KNOW THAT GOD IS DREAMING FAR MORE FOR ME. It might simply be a mirrored reflection of what He actually has planned for me…

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