8 thoughts on “Random question

    • To me there’s no such thing as perfect when it comes to mankind. Perfection to me is exactly like what my dad would always tell me. If people were perfect none of us should be down here on this Earth but in heaven because we haven’t done anything wrong but everything right. 👍👍👍


  1. Life is never perfect. It’s a rollercoaster with ups and downs and for a person who’s trying to do what’s right, it can sometimes seem like a harder battle. The harder you try, the more obstacles and tests are thrown your way, but that’s not a bad thing. Struggle toughens us up, but it also makes us more appreciative of the life we have and when we are blessed to have those seemingly perfect days. It’s all about balance… In the end, we define our happiness and idea of the “perfect” life. We just have to remember that there will always be storms to go through.

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