Being scared is not a good excuse. Yes you will experience nervousness and alot of ghitters when you step out and go for your goals. But that’s only because you are stepping out on faith and you don’t have experience in doing so. But keep sticking with it because it gets easier as you continue going forward. But being scared is not a good excuse. Just because you begin to experience doubt and unbelief in your abilities and may tell yourself that what the most high has blessed you with is not good enough. It will never work. Nobody cares about what I have to offer. It’s not a talent or a gift. Still being scared is not a good excuse. You may want to hit the panic button so you can not go forth in taking that step toward accomplishing your goals. Being scared is not a good excuse. The devil may intervene and you hear your voice speaking to you inside your telling you that you are under prepared. You don’t have the right materials to begin taking the steps toward accomplishing your goals. Just remember that it’s okay. Who in hell is ever fully prepared to do something that they never done before. You get prepared and fully equipped when you continue through the process not before. If you are already prepared the process then one should ask you why is it that you haven’t started? Why are you late to the party? Why are you allowing life as you know it to pass you by? Still being scared is not a excuse. You may not strike gold the first time or the second time around. But listen carefully that does not mean that you failed. Noooooooooooo. You fail when you give up. You fail when you get knocked down and you choose to not get back up again. You fail when you hear on your mark, get set, go. And you choose to stay in that runners stance instead of running your race. Inspire of you not striking gold the first and second time around you didn’t fail. You just ran into a bunch of no’s. Maybe the things that you were going for were not meant for you. It doesn’t always mean that your are not good enough, talented enough or smart enough. It means that it’s not for you. So what you have to do is either find, search what’s yours or go out there and create what yours. But how much longer do you think that you will keep hearing nos before you hear that first yes? I guess we’ll never find out because scared is your excuse. Keep trying, keep going. Don’t give up and don’t give in. You may get weary along the way in your journey. Just hold on and cast your cares on the heavenly father. He is your shield and buckler he will protect you. Keep trying and keep going. It’s that consistency mixed with the tenacity and determination. Man it’s contagious, but you will grow and things will begin to happen.

So peace