What is the most interesting dream you’ve had? Do you think it indicates anything?

Quora question. What is the most interesting dream you’ve had? Do you think it indicates anything?

Check it. So I came across this quora question. I mean I have a lot of dreams. I dream alot at night. My dreams are very vivid. I can see clear, hear, smell, feel and taste what’s going on in the dreams. But this question got me thinking and one of the dreams that happened twice to me this year made me wonder what am I being warned of that’s coming. I hope it takes place because that would be exciting and definitely a adventure.

My answer
I had a interesting dream twice this year. It wasn’t in the same week or month but I had a dream that my wife and I moved out of illinois. We had this big beautiful house and where we lived it was very sunny, hot, humid. I believe that I seen palm trees. But the dream had a West coast feel to it. I do not know if we moved to LA or if we were in H-town or Dallas but man the dream was beautiful and just so peaceful and happy. I don’t think. I’m believing, working toward and hoping that it comes true because honestly I need a change of scenery. I believe that I out grown Chicago. Home just don’t feel like home to me anymore. It’s time to set sail and my wife and I explore other options and take opportunities. I hope the family understands but if they don’t oh well. The man and the women gotta do what we gotta do.

Share this question and comment down below about your dreams and what you think it’s indicating.


Wassup world. I am Keyshaun Jamel Collins and what can I say about myself. First thing is that I never thought that I would be sharing my life, thoughts, experiences, ideas, and dreams aka my business with the world. I’m simply an introverted guy who views the world differently but prefers to keep to myself. I graduated from college nine months ago with my Bachelors of Science degree in psychology. That’s a big accomplishment for me. Yet, that’s not about me. I am a Chicago native born and raised to a black dad and mom who are still married till this day. That don’t describe me. I got a Puerto Rican and Mexican fiancée; my guy friends I had to break free from them because they were jealous. Couldn’t understand how I had the tools to get that one girl, while they stepped up to the plate swung and missed. That’s not about me. Went outside day after day practicing on what started as a dream in hopes of one day becoming a reality. I did not have the mental strength to let this curricular activity go, so I could realize that this was meant to be metaphor to teach me life and prepare me for my true gift. Now that’s me. I am a firm believer in to whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48). My goal is to give back, it is very easy to receive so much in life, but the real reward is to give back that knowledge so you can help the next fellow man under you struggling in whatever his/her situation may be. Through this website I have an opportunity to inspire, encourage and motivate. Paint a picture with my words while telling a story about my struggles, hard aches and pains; also the down falls and faults that I bare witness to everyday while I interact with numerous people everyday. How am I able to achieve this, simple I know myself. I know my self worth as a man because I envision it, claim it, speak it and walk in my authority confidently because I understand it. Like my dad and mom always say “If you don’t stand for something than you’ll fall for anything. Now that’s me.

11 comments on “What is the most interesting dream you’ve had? Do you think it indicates anything?

  1. I saw my father, last night, in my dream. Something happened to him, like an accident, and his face was a bit distorted. I woke up and i started dialing the phone numbers. He was at the hospital, because of an accident, and it was his face, but he was ok.

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  2. I think that dreams have no sense unless you were gifted a gift or something because I dream lot and lot of things, some are beautiful and some are not, when they’re beautiful I wish they can happen for real, when they’re not I wish they have no sense at all…
    I had a dream once, a weird one about a saint here, I had an exam and I had only one chance because couldn’t go to the first round so I had only second round to pass…I was extremely afraid and I dreamed that this saint was taking a taxi, then I couldn’t see his face, there was a picture on his face, well know picture for him, then I became in another place I believe a church with big picture of his saint (his eyes are closed in all his pictures) and then he opened his eyes and I woke up terrified…
    I went to exams with more self confidence and this year was the hardest in my law degree and I was the first in my class, so I don’t know if there’s a relation, at the time I was still religious a bit and I was loyal for this saint for years, and visited the monastery each year on his celebration day…so I always remember this dream

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    • That was a interesting dream. Yeah some times the dreams that we have don’t seem to make any sense whatsoever. I kinda just think that the none sense dreams are fill-ins just to make sleep interesting for some nights to make us question d wonder what if. Congrats on being the first in your class for your law degree that’s huge.

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  3. Living a Dream right now! Actually I had a dream about where I am and where I am heading in my life. So yes, I believe it is a way to prepare us for things to come. So when they start to happen we will be willing to follow. Have A Great Day!

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  4. Jackelene Torres

    With hard work any dream can come true. A change of scenery would be nice especially one where you are surrounded by like minded people who want amazing things. Loved this post!

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