Quora question. What is the most interesting dream you’ve had? Do you think it indicates anything?

Check it. So I came across this quora question. I mean I have a lot of dreams. I dream alot at night. My dreams are very vivid. I can see clear, hear, smell, feel and taste what’s going on in the dreams. But this question got me thinking and one of the dreams that happened twice to me this year made me wonder what am I being warned of that’s coming. I hope it takes place because that would be exciting and definitely a adventure.

My answer
I had a interesting dream twice this year. It wasn’t in the same week or month but I had a dream that my wife and I moved out of illinois. We had this big beautiful house and where we lived it was very sunny, hot, humid. I believe that I seen palm trees. But the dream had a West coast feel to it. I do not know if we moved to LA or if we were in H-town or Dallas but man the dream was beautiful and just so peaceful and happy. I don’t think. I’m believing, working toward and hoping that it comes true because honestly I need a change of scenery. I believe that I out grown Chicago. Home just don’t feel like home to me anymore. It’s time to set sail and my wife and I explore other options and take opportunities. I hope the family understands but if they don’t oh well. The man and the women gotta do what we gotta do.

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