Becoming strong


I like this quote that I found on Pinterest. I was having a conversation with a person not too long ago. I told them that I’m noticing that there are alot of strong, muscular built individuals walking around in the world. I just wish that peoples minds were as built as some people’s bodies are. I say this and I stick by this. There’s no gym equipment or exercise in the world that can strengtheneth your mind. You either want it or you don’t. A strong mind comes from having a made up mind. A strong mind allows you to get stuff done. To be focused on what’s important. Not allowing any distractions to derail you from your plan, purpose and goals.

Our mind is a muscle. One of the more important muscles. It gets overlooked and neglected because people don’t see the brain. People can’t touch the brain and tell you how attractive it looks. People can’t tell you how good it smells. People can’t tell you how fit it is. But don’t forget that it’s on the inside of you. Whatever you allow your brain to ingest it will display alot about who you are as a person. See we forget that the insides is what makes the outsides look good or bad. But that’s okay because we live in a society that focus more on the outer appearance then the inner. Train the brain right. Treat it good. Exercise that muscle the way that it should be exercised; which is daily.


Wassup world. I am Keyshaun Jamel Collins and what can I say about myself. First thing is that I never thought that I would be sharing my life, thoughts, experiences, ideas, and dreams aka my business with the world. I’m simply an introverted guy who views the world differently but prefers to keep to myself. I graduated from college nine months ago with my Bachelors of Science degree in psychology. That’s a big accomplishment for me. Yet, that’s not about me. I am a Chicago native born and raised to a black dad and mom who are still married till this day. That don’t describe me. I got a Puerto Rican and Mexican fiancée; my guy friends I had to break free from them because they were jealous. Couldn’t understand how I had the tools to get that one girl, while they stepped up to the plate swung and missed. That’s not about me. Went outside day after day practicing on what started as a dream in hopes of one day becoming a reality. I did not have the mental strength to let this curricular activity go, so I could realize that this was meant to be metaphor to teach me life and prepare me for my true gift. Now that’s me. I am a firm believer in to whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48). My goal is to give back, it is very easy to receive so much in life, but the real reward is to give back that knowledge so you can help the next fellow man under you struggling in whatever his/her situation may be. Through this website I have an opportunity to inspire, encourage and motivate. Paint a picture with my words while telling a story about my struggles, hard aches and pains; also the down falls and faults that I bare witness to everyday while I interact with numerous people everyday. How am I able to achieve this, simple I know myself. I know my self worth as a man because I envision it, claim it, speak it and walk in my authority confidently because I understand it. Like my dad and mom always say “If you don’t stand for something than you’ll fall for anything. Now that’s me.

5 comments on “Becoming strong

  1. This is true. Mental health is just as important as physical health. To achieve your goals, you have to have a strong mind to get through a lot of today’s challenges. We are exposed to a lot of things on a daily basis. If you have a weak mind, you can easily get caught up into something that is not good for you and get in the way of achieving your goals.

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  2. Jackelene Torres

    Another great post! Train the mind as it controls everything else.

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  3. So true! I tell my running students that running is more mental than physical. And I think it is true of anything we want to do.

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    • Yes. I agree 1000%. Everything we don’t on this Earth is mental from sun up to sun down. I just wish people really knew how important it is to keep our mind well strengtheneth and none toxic so we can be able to be mentally strong for anything that comes toward our way in life.


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