I don’t really have much to say. Well that’s a lie I always have things to say. We are living in strange times. Hahaa as I’m writing this I can hear a elder say keep living young buck. It’s about to get stranger. One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is there are people literally walking around angry, holding grudges and mad at people for something that they did.

There are people literally waiting for someone to apologize and acknowledge something that they are not the cause of.

In other words there are people so angry at you for whatever reason. That they are the ones drinking poison but wishing death upon you.

It’s sad how the average person don’t have anything better to do then hate, be bitter, angry, scorned and spiteful.

It’s everyone else fault but theirs. Everyone is the problem but them. It’s them verses the world.

I mean damn, get a hobby. Go do some happy people cliche stuff. Take a walk for no reason at all. Go to the pond or park and feed the pigeons. Along the way stop off and pet a puppy.

But like I said we are living in some strange times.