Would you home school your kids?

What’s good everyone. Interesting question why do you think people are against home schooling the children? Also if you could would you homeschool? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling?

I think it’s pretty dope to homeschool your child. If you can do so why not. You as the parent have the ability to monitor what your child is learning that will supply him/her with the tools necessary to handle the world. But that’s just my opinion. But I’m curious to know what do you think about homeschooling.

Question on @Quora: Why are many people against homeschooling? Described as having an overall negative impact on child development. I could agree with the argument that parents traditions/beliefs may have more impact, but it isn’t like that doesn’t happen… https://www.quora.com/Why-are-many-people-against-homeschooling-Described-as-having-an-overall-negative-impact-on-child-development-I-could-agree-with-the-argument-that-parents-traditions-beliefs-may-have-more-impact-but-it-isnt-like?ch=99&share=57daf281&srid=04AWl

Post your comments below. Peace

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15 comments on “Would you home school your kids?

  1. The Sacred Space AP

    I would 100% home school my daughter. I think there are so many groups, activities and classes she could still do to interact with children whilst basing her learning around her and me knowing she is safe (I worry so much).

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    • Wow. Thanks for commenting. If I had children I would definitely want them home schooled. I would want to make sure that the school curriculum is up to standard in t a Hing my child what they need to know.

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  2. I sometimes wonder how many truly are concerned with the decisions of others. What we do, what our neighbors choose, and what others consider is pretty much each families’ decisions. And that’s how America is built: a foundation of freedom to choose, but also living with the meanings of those choices. But each family, choosing what is best for their children, we hope will work out in success. As a teacher, my goal has always been to ensure a quality education, which entails much, but also the encouragement for students to think for themselves, respectfully, and be responsible for the choices they make in life.

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  3. amykherman

    Yes. I decided to homeschool my kids after 6 years of traditional school. Its been the best thing we’ve ever done! We’ve learned so much with them along the way, and freeing up the money we would otherwise have spent on private education we’ve been able to take them travelling which has been a great experience for them and us. We are much closer as a family, and I am soo encouraged by how engaged they are in learning. They are thriving.

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  4. I’d have to say that the homeschooling debate honestly depends on the environment that the child is facing. Does the child have at least one parent who is willing to put in the time and effort to responsibly homeschool the child? Does the child have resources available for quality socialization? A good homeschool program is priceless but a poor one is severely detrimental to the child. But the same can be said for a public school environment. Is the school/classroom a good environment for the child? Does the school have quality resources availble for the interests of all children? There are many wonderful homeschool families whose children excell into their adult lives, just as there are many wonderful public school children who do the same. And then there are horrifying accounts of maltreated children being “homeschooled” as well as horrifying accounts of children in public school being maltreated by peers and teachers. So essentially, it comes down to having a safe, quality environment that provides multiple opportunities for the child to grow and develope into a responsible, independent adult.

    That being said, I’m the wife of a public school teacher and I’ve home schooled our four children for the past five years. I wouldn’t want it any other way. 🙂

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    • You’re right it does depend on the child environment. If the child is going to receive the full teaching and instructions that it needs at home and the parents are willing to put in that time, effort and patience plus resources then definitely go for it. But the same can be said for public and private schooling as well. So it does depend on the child environment. Are the adults making it a learning environment that will benefit the child long term. That’s pretty cool that you have taught your children right at the comfort of both your husband and your home. Thanks for the comment.


  5. I’ve always felt the responsibility for the children resides with the parents. As a teacher, I always communicated with the parents. Often, there was minimal to no support, most just wanting us to teach their kids during the day. However, there were always those appreciating the communication, some working with me to their children’s benefits. The parents that took a strong interest in their children’s academics, their children tended to do better to much better.

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    • Whether home schooling or public/private schooling is based on the environment of the child. What’s essential to their development. But definitely having involved parents would best suit the parent.

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