According to the world today is father’s day. We all should know by now what this holiday is really in reference to. If you don’t know that’s okay. It’s in reference to the father god of ancient Babylonian principles. However some of you may not have the fortune to say that you have grown up with a father who is present in the household. Hopefully the most high has blessed you with a male figure in your family that can assist you in your personal development as a father would to his young. With that being said a father should not be honored just for one day. A father should be honored and respected everyday out of the year. No, I don’t mean throw a celebration but I do mean the patriarch should be respected and listened to. If he is in his right mind and adhering to what the most high has created for him to be. The man over the household leads his family, protect his family, provides for his family. The man is that sturdy foundation. Without it things would just fall and crumble.

A man does not need to be told thank you, I appreciate you. Given cards, flowers, candy or any of that stuff as a reward to keep doing what he was created to be and do. A man’s reward is seeing his wife and children happy, taken care of and secure. A man’s reward is knowing that his house is in order, under control and he possess stability. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a gift, saying thank you or I appreciate you as a means of acknowledging the man’s sacrifice. The love and appreciation that you want to give should not be solely dependent upon a day on the calendar. A man, well he doesn’t care about all of that. His mind is not pondering about father’s day. His mind is on maximizing the most out of what the most high has given him so he can continue to take care of his own. He does not want major emphasis to be placed on this day. He understsands that this one day out of the year does not solidify who he is and what he does everyday.