#Prayer Focus

How about we for this world. That we all wake up from our slumber. We stop lusting after hearing a doctrine being preached that makes our heart warm and fuzzy. We stop being lovers of ourself. Joining all of these different religions and all it teaches is that you are your own good. That’s a lie. God don’t have a experation date. How about we pray for a stable mind. How about we pray for this confusion that has pleged everyone. How about we pray that demonic spirit of the mother goddess gets destroyed. So many nations of people have drank from her cup and become drunken off of her lies, doctrines, and teachings. We need the heavenly father more than we know.

Guam Christian Blog

What can we pray about together?

I’m not going for the beauty pageant answer: World Peace.

That’s not going to happen as long as we let our flesh rule our lives.

I pray that I be stirred up to reach the blind, lost, miserable people in this world that have no idea that God Loves them.

Okay that’s me and my rant.

How about you? What do you need prayer for?

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