Live Confidently By Faith

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things nothing seen. Love this scripture it speaks so much volume. We as people have faith everyday and don’t even know it. I know the saying on this Earth is opposite of what the heavenly father said. We say on Earth “seeing is believing.” But really is that so? When you put the key into the ignition and pull away from your home and driving down the street. You don’t know if today will be your day to be apart of a fatal car accident. Now you hope, expect for that particular day that you are safe but the evidence of that which you hope for is not seen yet.
Before going to sleep you tell loved ones goodnight see you in the morning but you don’t know that to be true. Your hope is that you will see them and they will see you. However your alarm clock don’t wake you. Only the father who presides in heaven wakes you. If he don’t speak to your spirit, your body and tell it to wake, you won’t. The evidence of what you said/hoped for is not seen yet until the morning. So when as people as much as we would love to say, think and feel that seeing is believing. We actually show more faith in things that we don’t realize than that we do. But why does the heavenly father command us to walk by faith and not by sight? In my humble opinion the very things that we see will and can let us down. It does not know the essential things that we need to progress in this life. Also, most of the things that man put there unwavering faith in was created by for man to serve man the way that man see fit. So in the end it’s destruction. Stay blessed

Drawing Closer to Christ

Hebrews 11:1 NIV, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

How can we be confident in what we hope for and sure of what we do not see? We do this by placing our hope and assurance in Jesus Christ. He is our firm foundation. Living by faith in the Son of God is the way God has chosen for His children to live (Galatians 2:20). He expects us to trust Him to take good care of us and supply us with all we need. A life lived by faith can certainly be challenging. When we do not understand the details of what is going on, fear can creep into our hearts. But it’s during these times of uncertainty, that we must cling to God even more. Meditating on His Word will increase our faith and help us…

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Thought for the day

Reblog. You know it’s funny I remember my dad training in basketball. He was teaching me everything that he knew. I myself would struggle to apply what he taught me when I would play against certain people. One-day he pulled me to the side and said what’s wrong with you. Of course I lied and said nothing, I’m cool. He looked at me and said it must be something. Because sometimes you do what you were taught and other moments you do the opposite. Are you afraid. I said naw I’m not scared. He said yeah you are. You’re afraid to succeed aren’t you? That blew my mind because I heard afraid to fail but never afraid to succeed. He let me know that I had the knowledge and understanding that is needed to go out and get the job done. I had all my tools right there handy all I have to do is use them and I will be fine. He explained when you go out there into the world over second guessing what you can and can’t do you are holding onto doubt. You are allowing your fear to dictate your level of success. How far you can and will go. Instead allow your training and everything that you have been preparing for to shine through in that moment and you will be fine.

Lionel Sneed Ministries

“Break through the fear of success! You already have everything you will ever need to succeed.” – Lionel

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Starting over

Reblog. Yes, I agree with you dekitan, it’s not over. Yesterday was yesterday. Today is a new day to begin again. You have more life to live. New and better opportunities to gain. The best is yet to come. There’s better that lies ahead. You will never know what’s in store if you don’t see that you have everything to gain. Keep going and don’t give up. There’s nothing wrong with being tired but don’t quit. Everyday is a clean slate for you to START FRESH.

Dekitan's Blog

Good morning fam! It a new day to start over again, to forget that yesterday mistake, and look forward to what today has to offer. Yes you can start over, all hope is not lost.

Replace that frown , with a smile, and hope for the best. Yesterday is gone , and today is all we have now.

P.S I love you.

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