Reblog. You know it’s funny I remember my dad training in basketball. He was teaching me everything that he knew. I myself would struggle to apply what he taught me when I would play against certain people. One-day he pulled me to the side and said what’s wrong with you. Of course I lied and said nothing, I’m cool. He looked at me and said it must be something. Because sometimes you do what you were taught and other moments you do the opposite. Are you afraid. I said naw I’m not scared. He said yeah you are. You’re afraid to succeed aren’t you? That blew my mind because I heard afraid to fail but never afraid to succeed. He let me know that I had the knowledge and understanding that is needed to go out and get the job done. I had all my tools right there handy all I have to do is use them and I will be fine. He explained when you go out there into the world over second guessing what you can and can’t do you are holding onto doubt. You are allowing your fear to dictate your level of success. How far you can and will go. Instead allow your training and everything that you have been preparing for to shine through in that moment and you will be fine.