Chicken with Peppers and Olives

Looks very appetizing 😋😋😋

A Jeanne in the Kitchen

Chicken is a favorite in our house.  We eat a lot of chicken and one of the many reasons is because of its versatility.  It lends itself to so many different styles of cooking and recipes, from around the world.  The possibilities are endless.  This recipe for chicken with peppers and olives has a very Mediterranean flair to it.  It is something you could find in any country from The Mediterranean or Middle Eastern part of the world.  It is also quick and easy to make, as well as very tasty.  Basically, you just can’t go wrong with this dish.

IMG_6749Chicken with Peppers and Olives


1 1/2-2 lbs chicken breasts, cut into strips

salt and pepper to taste – go easy on the salt because of the brine from the olives and the lemon juice

1/2 each red, yellow and orange peppers, sliced thin

1/3 cup sweet peppers


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