Alabama abortion law

Alabama made a law to ban abortion of any kind to protect the unborn. Any doctor found performing a abortion will face 99 years in prison. This is causing some controversy. It is challenging Roe v. Wade and,

“This bill is about challenging Roe v. Wade and protecting the lives of the unborn, because an unborn baby is a person who deserves love and protection.”
Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

Also some celebrities are chimming in because they wonder how can this law not involve some who have been raped and are pregnant and incest.

15 thoughts on “Alabama abortion law

    • Yeah when I first read it yesterday I was like great no more child killings, but earlier this afternoon I realized that yeah ummmmmmmm this would raise alot of questions and concerns. So I agree with you it’s interesting but controversial.

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      • Overall I’m against abortion (unless there’s a serious issue meaning that the foetus won’t live & the mother’s life could be at risk, then of course terminate the pregnancy for health and safety reasons) I think it can be a tough one in cases of rape and incest, however I still believe the baby deserves to live and is completely innocent. Every life matters and is not created by accident regardless. I’ve known of some people in the past who’ve had multiple abortions just because they felt that “they weren’t ready” and shit like that breaks my heart knowing that there are some extremely wealthy people who would trade in all of their riches just to have a child. They go to doctor after doctor after doctor…I try my best not to judge people who have abortions because they feel they’re not ready and reasons similar to that but I feel like they really disregard the fact that there is a growing human inside of them. A tiny little life that absolutely deserves to live!

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  1. I’m a mother myself, to a healthy 1 year old little girl who is my absolute pride and joy! When I first became pregnant with her, I hadn’t been with her father for that long at all – & for that reason, he was insistent that I abort our baby. Prior to this, I had always vowed that I’d never have an abortion REGARDLESS of the circumstances around me getting pregnant. My daughter definitely wasn’t planned, I was totally NOT in a position mentally, emotionally, spiritually or any of that to bring a child into the world but I chose not to have fear but to have faith. I trusted God, that he had gifted me with the life of my child. To me, there was no question about it. Her father and I broke up because this and I never saw him again, he chose fear and I chose faith. And I couldn’t be more proud of myself for my decision. Lord knows I would’ve been haunted for life with “what if’s” had I have had an abortion (damn! I’m real sorry to have written a whole damn book as a comment)

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  2. “An unborn baby is a person who deserves love and protection.”
    A mother who is desperate to have an abortion and does not want the baby is going to resent it if she has to give birth to it, and especially if it curtails her career. She will probably go elsewhere and have an abortion anyway but if the baby is born, chances are that it won’t be getting as much love from its mother as it would if it had been planned and wanted. They say the law is to protect the baby, but what sort of life will that baby have (especially if it’s been born of rape or incest)?

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    • It’s about being responsible though! If someone is prepared to lie down and have unprotected sex – surely they know the potential consequences right?!?!..Furthermore this stigma, this idea that having a child means a woman is unable to thrive in her career is bullshit! I think more successful women that have children need to speak out!!

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      • The girl might be drunk, which of course is another issue. As for successful women, I know two female consultants in the hospital department where I used to work. One applied for a job vacancy, wore a big coat, and never let on that she was pregnant. She got the job, but within 2 months of starting she was off on 15 months of maternity leave. The rest of her colleagues were furious. When the baby was born she then had to take a lot of time off because the child was poorly. Within two years she was off on maternity leave again. The other doctor used to bring her sick child in for us secretaries to look after. What a joke. Apart from the guilt, it’s virtually impossible to have a good career and be a mother unless you have pots of money to offload your responsibilities onto a nanny.

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      • My friend, my friend, my friend – in the nicest possible way. Everything that u’ve just said in that last comment is, in my humble opinion, BULLSHIT!! So you mean to tell me that from those two examples that you witnessed of women struggling to juggle motherhood and a career – you’ve completely written off the possibility and the actuality that a woman absolutely CAN in fact do both huh??! Come ooonnnnn, open up your miiiind xxx

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      • Yes of course they can do both, but it’s hard. A mother is full of guilt if she goes to work and leaves her baby with somebody else. If you have a willing parent happy to childmind their grandchild for free, even when the kid is sick, then you’re on a winner. However, if not, then you have to earn enough money to pay a childminder if it’s indeed economically viable going back to work in the first place. If you go back to work you have to deal with the guilt and jealousy that somebody else is caring for your child and that your child now runs to them if it falls over. It’s all do-able, but do you want to do it?

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  3. @Stevie Turner: The girl gamed (cheated) the system, but using parasite behavior (theft by fraud sounds like) to justify killing of a baby in the womb is worse.

    You can kill parasites by cutting off their food and oxygen. End the welfare state, zero subsidies for sex, contraceptives, abortions will end almost all irresponsible behavior overnight. Stop persecuting Christians and let them do their job of loving thy neighbor. Too many Christians are able to offload their own Great Commission, and 1 Corinthians 13 fruits, to the State where we all pay to a State that manifestly hates babies, hates people.

    I prefer to call these little human beings what they are: babies in the womb.

    The Psalmist wrote that God wrote all his members in his book even before they were formed. This is another demonstration that what the Bible says about science and history beats the “secular” science today.

    Repeat that: babies in the womb. Aborticide holocaust. Make them talk about the baby. Keep concentrating on the baby.

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  4. Greetings! I’m in love with your words and the way you expressed your thoughts so easily. And I was wondering if you could checkout my new piece on Anti-abortion feminists and reproductive rights and comment some feedback. Looking forward to hearing from you. – Kiran

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