After the death of both Nipsey Hussle and movie director John Singleton I have been watching alot of radio and tv interviews where celebrities have been commenting on the death of these two. Talking about what they mean to them and how much if a impact that both men we’re in their lives. However the trend that I keep witnessing is honor and celebration of someone’s death. I get it if you don’t know who these two men were and are you will probably become more educated on them through the news about their deaths. You will take a interest into Nipsey music and Singleton movies. You may even become a fan and grow to have a greater appreciation for them in what they done in their careers and community. Some common folk like you and I have taken to Twitter and Instagram and showed their appreciation and affection. Some have even got into arguments and disputes over others bad mouthing Nipsey Hussle and what good has done in the city of Angeles.

But that’s too late to show a person love when they are dead and gone. That’s too late to show an interest and invest in them. Hey, I hope both Nipsey and Singleton families are doing better toward the death of both men. However, I’m just using them to say that while a person is alive take every opportunity to let them know that they are loved and cared for. Don’t allow them to leave this earth not knowing your love and care for them. As humans we love to miss people the most when they are gone. And you know it don’t just have to be by death it could be because it’s time to move on out of one another’s life to bigger and better things. We have to stop torturing ourselves and hanging onto past memories. Walking around feeling sadden and unfulfilled that we could spend a last time with that person and say what we wanted to say to them and hear their voice for the last time. Cherish these moments that we have with one another because as humans we are not everlasting. We have a expiration date attached to all of us. We just don’t know when the clock will run out. So I’m not going to go as far and say celebrate each other. I mean we’re not God and that’s only reserved for him. I will say this, from this day forward don’t let a person walk this Earth not knowing how much they are loved, cared, respected and matter.