My scars tell a story…

27 thoughts on “My scars tell a story…

      1. Hi Clever Girl. Thanks for interacting. I had to think about this. Proud like the lion? Hmmm…I totally get what you are saying. Proud of surviving emotional abuse? Gratitude. Gratitude for having this experience and telling my story.
        This gives me much to consider…and then I think about the One who carries His scars for us…

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      1. Nice to be in good company. 🌈
        This gave a lot me to think about as I did feel ashamed for years carrying invisible scars that no one saw—and I couldn’t talk freely about.

        Someone said about my writing-“powerful poems, I’m sorry you had to experience such pain” to which I replied that without the painful experiences—there would be no powerful poems to write. And so, I’ve found gratitude. I’m still daily trying to find the words to express this. And like you, I also want to bring hope to people. Keep up the good work! You’ve inspired me!🙏🏻💜

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