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Pretty cool question. I was reading through https://forthysomethingheyhey.com blog and I ran across a interesting question. I’m sure that we all have thought about this question from time to time. “If today was my last day?”

Will I be missed? Will people even care? Hopefully I did alot of good while I was on Earth for the time being? I hope that I left a legacy behind? I hope my loved ones will be alright? So on and so forth. However, I ask myself that very same question. “If today was my last day?” My answer,



I would really think much about it because at the tender age of twenty-six I am still learning the importance of this being the day that the Lord has made, being glad and rejoicing in it. I would be ready and fulfilled because I know that while I was alive I handled my business and did everything that fisherofmen was supposed to do. I ceased every moment and opportunity. I made the most out of my life. And didn’t take my life or anyone else life for granted. So, on this day I wouldn’t have any lingering questions, wonders or worries. I would be ready, happy and I would want those around me who I love dearly to feeling the same way. This is my going away party I should be planning a celebration and getting ready for the award that matters the most. Accepting that CROWN OF LIFE.

I heard this song on the radio “If today was your last day…” Please listen to this song at the end of this post. I am a Forty Plusser. So, biological speaking – I am on my “halfway mark”of life. But any day can be your last day! So, let’s get into it. How would I spend […]

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