The 3 things that you would change

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Question on @Quora: What 3 things would you change about your life, if you could go back in time?

5 thoughts on “The 3 things that you would change

  1. I would never wanna go back in my life. I think questions like this are unhealthy maan, they make you start analysing your past too much & taking your focus off the present and future. We can learn a heck of a lot of lessons from are past but ALWAYS keep it moving. Whatever happened, happened. Embrace it, accept it & look forward (hope I didn’t take this too deep & out of context loool) xx

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    1. Exactly I pulled this question from quora I definitely myself was thinking that I wouldn’t change a thing that has happened in my life. But I thought that this would be a great opportunity to make a post out of it to see what y’all would have to say about this question and just to start some interaction and conversation.

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